Stadler Form The Company
The company was founded by Martin Stadler in 1998, after his resignation as commercial director of the Swiss branch of the Italian coffee company Illycaffè S.p.A. Stadler worked with the young Swiss designer Matti Walker in 1999 on the company's first product, the futuristic air humidifier Fred. Fred is still in the current model range, and along with the latest products, has sold successfully to this day in more than 20 countries from the U.S. to Japan.

From 2001, Stadler Form started a joint project with Christoph Sutter (Coplax AG) for ODM and OEM development of small domestic appliances. In 2005, to expand the company and ensure product availability for customers, most production was moved to Asia.

In 2006, Stadler Form announced the creation of MACH holding (Martin and Chris Sutter), which today includes four companies: Stadler Form, Coplax AG, Swizz Style Inc. (US distribution), and Formsign AG (Swiss distribution of lifestyle products).

In early 2010, Jurg Banziger, the former CEO for the air treatment business unit in Plaston AG (Air-O-Swiss, Boneco) joined the MACH Group and took responsibility for the small domestic appliances in Coplax and the US business of Swizz Style Inc. in 2010, Stadler Form announced the opening of their branch in Russia.

Stadler Form Ultrasonic Humidifiers
Two of the best things about the ultrasonic humidifiers are the low-maintenance and extremely quiet operation. Vibrating water at ultrasonic speed to break it down, a transducer works to produce a cool mist that is pure and invigorating.

The welcomed pure, light mist that can be seen and felt quickly adds moisture and thus, comfort, to the room. Models like the EVA Ultrasonic Humidifier, which is best for medium rooms, offer variable mist control and a rotating nozzle. Set the humidifier to your desired comfort level with the digital humidistat and enjoy up to 24 hours of moisture before having to change the tank.